Streamlight Microstream LED Flashlight Review

Looking for a great little flashlight? The Streamlight Microstream is a tough little flashlight to carry in your pocket. It will be there when you need every time  A very versatile flashlight for any user. It only weighs one ounce and that is with the battery. With a fresh battery it will last almost 4 hours. This is well in excess of the rated duration and this is using a single triple A battery. It is built tough and will last for years.

This is a great utility flashlight perfect for utility users who need a reliable and durable flashlight in a small package. The single AAA battery is an inexpensive alternative to many other battery/flashlight combinations. The momentary on/off feature adds to the ease of use and will save the battery life and also extend the life of the switch if used frequently. Give this a try and you will be happy with the value received in an inexpensive package.

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