SureFire E2D LED Defender Tactical Flashlight Review

The Surefire E2D Defender LED Tactical Flashlight is a compact sized, dual output torch for self defense and illumination uses. It provides an extremely rugged energy controlled LED emitter along with a highly polished and scratch resistant lens. The click to activate tail cap switch allows you switch the torch and choose the output mode: you will click for the high setting of 200 lumens, which is more than adequate to disorient an aggressor’s night vision. You would then release the switch or simply click to the off position and click once more for the 5-lumen ultra extended time low setting that’s appropriate for moving inside a dark space or outside area. The crenellated crown and scalloped end are perfect for other self defense options if needed.

This is a category leader in the compact flashlight class. With the Surefire quality that comes standard with every flashlight, you will never have to worry about the performance of the torch in a critical situation. This size and weight provide a very portable style of flashlight and can easily be carried on the belt or inside a pocket.



Compact tactical flashlight with dual output modes and scalloped crown for self defense options.

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