Surefire G2X Pro Tactical Flashlight Review

The Surefire G2X Pro is a high efficiency LED flashlight in the compact category. It is almost fail proof because the rugged LED emitter won’t break down. There are dual output settings: a bright white, 320 lumen mode, and a 15 lumen low output mode for extended use without significant battery power loss. This is important when you are without a power source and miles from anywhere.

“…Get this flashlight if you need a powerful beam and the convenience of a compact flashlight…”

Switching Options

The first time you press the tail cap it will switch to the momentary on mode at the low power setting. After pressing again the unit switches to the constant on mode. To turn off the unit, simply press the tail cap switch again and it shuts down. If you press the tail cap switch again in the first two seconds it will turn on the high beam mode. There is also a single output model of this flashlight that also has a tactical tail cap switch for advanced users.

Top Features

Surefire makes this model in both an aluminum and polymer body. The choice is a matter of preference. The polymer version is designed with a textured finish for an easier gripping surface, but it’s tough to beat an anodized aluminum body for it’s light weight.

Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are apparent in the poly carbonate reflector. It is designed for a smooth throw and is tuned for a tight focus in your field of view. At the high setting the field of view provided by the light allows you to easily see your surrounding over a wide area. The field of view for the G2X Pro is somewhat wider than other models made by Surefire.


Durable LED flashlight designed for maximum efficiency and extended battery life
Dual output 320 lumens at high and a low setting for long battery life
Precision manufactured polished reflector for a smooth throw and optimized field of vision
Rugged polycarbonate lens window is impact and scratch resistant
Rugged polymer (or aluminum) body and anodized aluminum bezel piece for light weight and long life
Dual-switch tailcap for momentary low light mode, then constant low light mode, off then click for high setting
A weatherproof O-ring, gasket sealed case for reliability
All Surefire flashlights come standard and equipped with CR 123A batteries having a 10 year shelf life


The Surefire G2X Pro should be considered for it’s combination of light weight, compact size and powerful beam. This is a professional grade flashlight suitable for a variety of users based on its long battery life and switching options. With a high setting of 320 lumens, you will light up the night. Get this flashlight if you need a powerful beam and the convenience of a compact flashlight.


Surefire G2X-Pro Dual Output LED Tactical Flashlight

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